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The Unemployed Group in Australia - 1731 Words

Abstract The study demonstrates the additional learning of the subject related to the Australian society and the changing dynamics of the world. The study analyzes the unemployment in Australia and the pertinent social policies with complete description and analysis of the policy. The post welfare state is a lot more concerned on the improvement of infrastructure, reducing the public sector and taking the control away from the state socially as well as economically, which allows a much better access to basic commodities for people who are unable to fulfill their own basic needs. In the past few years there has been a change in the theory that every person who belongs to the low income group needs some kind of assistance in order to meet the needs of food, money and basic necessities. The modern era looks to develop the society as a whole and build a society which is self sufficient and is growing socially and economically. This approach helps in social acceptance of all kinds of citizens and accepts the diversity in the culture. There is a large role played by morals and rationality in the way the future of the society can be viewed by us. There must be a balance between the individuals and the society and they must support each other in order for both of the m to grow. Now the question arises can we afford a welfare state even in this era? Australia as a welfare state must be looked upon with a broader point of view, from provider and receivers point of view.Show MoreRelatedUnemployment in Australia Through a Conflict Perspective.1340 Words   |  6 PagesUnemployment is a social problem in Australia, which affects a majority of society in many ways. Not only can it cause financial debt to families, but from there it can cause family breakdowns, social isolation, shame and it can even lead to violence. The Conflict theory perspective explains how unemployment can be caused by class and power by focusing on the inequality within society. The inequality sequentially predicts that the poorer members of society struggle to find employment, to be ableRead MoreUnemployment : Unemployment And Unemployment1573 Words   |  7 Pages This is the quantity of unemployed persons divided by the quantity of individuals in the work force. The unemployed are those individuals capable, accessible and willing to work at the going wage yet can t discover work in spite of a want to work. How is unemployment measured? Measuring unemployment precisely is made difficult due to improper facts. Not all cases of unemployment are recorded, and a few records of unemployment may not be exact. Since the unemployed are qualified for benefitsRead More Depression in 1920s Essay681 Words   |  3 PagesHow was Australia affected by depression in 1920’s? Australia was one of the countries deeply affected by the Depression. This was due to the fact that Australia heavily depended on the imports, trade and investment intake from overseas. The economy was already unstable and was in trouble during the 1920s. The wealth of the economy was only based on the high prices of Australias exports and primary products, a growing volume of exports and a continued stream of investments into Australia. Any seriousRead MoreEmployee Engagement Of Long Term Unemployed1216 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction This paper will expand on the previous research on examining employee engagement of Long-Term Unemployed (LTU) and the engagement issues surrounding the unemployed and employment services. In expanding on previous work, this paper will explore how the issues of social relations, perceptions and engagement affect the interactions between employers, the unemployed and employment services agencies. The paper will draw on research literature and the Kangaroo Island Workskil office asRead MoreInvestigative Report On Labour Market Trends1690 Words   |  7 Pagesthe bargaining power. What is Unemployment? The workforce is separated into two sections, the employed and the unemployed. An individual is defined as being employed if they work for one or more hour each week. An individual is defined as unemployed if they are currently available for work, currently searching for work and are unable to find it. As a result of an individual being unemployed, labour resources are not being utilised to their full potential in an economy. Nature, Causes and Effects ofRead MoreThe Virgin Atlantic Essay examples1701 Words   |  7 PagesAtlantic is providing jobs to wishful applicants that were interested in joining them. But before proceeding further, let we explain what the definition of employed and unemployed is. In this sense, the employed are the one who currently have job meanwhile, the unemployed are those who currently do not have jobs, and together with the unemployed, they create the labor force (OSullivan, Sheffrin, Perez, 2010). From the micro economical perspective, the company is contributing to the country productionRead MoreLabor Government Budget Building Australia Future Workforce For Positive Impact On Workforce Re Entry For Long Term Essay1553 Words   |  7 PagesThe following case study assesses Labor Government 2011-2012 budget ‘Building Australia Future Workforce’ for positive impact on workforce re-entry for long-term unemployed and financial incentives for employers through w age connect. †¢ Long term unemployment (exceeding one year) and very long term unemployed (exceeding two years) amongst working aged youth is becoming a disturbing trend within Australia’s workforce. †¢ Dr Lucas Walsh Director of the Foundation for Young Australians notes whenRead MorePolitical And Economic Theories And Systems That Influence Community Services Work1399 Words   |  6 Pagesanswer question 1. Describe the political and economic theories and systems that influence community services work. The Commonwealth of Australia is both a representative democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as Australia s head of state. (How government works, 2016). Since the 1990s globalization has gained widespread currency in Australia on a social, economic, political and cultural level. (Holmes, 2012, p. 340) Laws and politics have an influence on Australia’s economicRead MoreAustralia s Current Economic Growth1390 Words   |  6 Pagesindividuals desire to work, but are unable to find a job, and as such, labour resources within the economy are underutilised. A person is classified as unemployed if they are aged 15 years or older, and are actively seeking work however unable to obtain it. The rate of unemployment is currently at 5.7% (May 2016). The use of macroeconomic policy has assisted Australia and has smoothen economic growth over time and has been successful in maintaining a sustainable rate of economic growth. The Australian treasuryRead MoreInequal ity From A Sociological Perspective1507 Words   |  7 Pagescommunities, and aims to determine how and why societies experience inequality. This is important in addressing issues of inequality and striving towards a society where people do not face discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, class or social groups that they belong to. The study of inequality in sociology originally started with theorists like Karl Marx, who looked at the unequal distribution of wealth in their society. They focused on the way that this inequality affected social status and

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Analysis fo the Wonderful Pistachios Campaign - 1058 Words

The ad campaign run by Wonderful Pistachios is a perfect example of the persuasion techniques; Bandwagon, timing, and association. The Bandwagon effect is explained as showing many people using a product, implying that everyone is using it. Timing is related to the success of a message because it is not always what the message conveys but rather it depends on the time it’s delivered. The association technique aims to connect a service, product, or idea with something already desired by the target audience, such as, security, fun, beauty, success, or wealth. The media message does not make it explicit that the viewer will receive these things but the association is implied. The campaign utilizes controversial and comedic celebrities to draw the attention of the younger generation. This is an example bandwagon effect at work. These celebrities include people from shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Jersey Shore, which intrigue the younger target market because they fe el they can relate to these people. The target market of this campaign is women raging from ages of 18 to 34. This includes both women in the workforce and women attending college. The average consumer in this target market strives to be one step ahead of celebrity gossip and social media. The viewers feel excellent about providing a healthy alternative snack for their children while still providing the salty snack that most children crave. It has been concluded through studies conducted on a national

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The Relationship of a Foster Child and the Social Worker Free Essays

The relationship between a social worker and the children they represent in the foster care system evolves many different emotional connections. Social workers provide counseling and direction to people in crisis. Their clients may vary from the young and older unemployed to young children who are in need of foster homes right on down to the elderly people who have no one to care for them to provide for them or even someone to love them. We will write a custom essay sample on The Relationship of a Foster Child and the Social Worker or any similar topic only for you Order Now They try to better the clients by helping them obtain government funds, education, and other treatments if needed. Social workers have many techniques for solving problems. Casework requires meetings with individuals and families. They may counsel young people whose parents have died or families who have lost all their possessions in floods or other disasters. Group work brings together people who have problems in common, such as mothers who are not married. Social workers help them solve those problems through deep conversation and well-planned activities. Community organization work usually has specific goals such as finding jobs for idle high school students and so on. In supporting my thesis I plan to highlight different situations that bring about many different emotions from both the child and the social worker. The reason that so many foster children feel the need to fight for power and control stems from what is for all intents and purposes their trying to live for or through others. The lack of known self drives the attribution of one’s own attitudes, feelings, or suppositions to others that blur the boundaries between where a known self would end and others begin. Without personal boundaries the foster children often end up feeling helpless when they relate to others because essentially they aspect everything about how they feel and what they think is taking place in others. The power and control relationships a foster child and a social worker share are self explanatory. The child has been beaten badly by his or her mother. It is in the social workers power to go and remove this child from this abusive situation. This then shows the child that this person is now in control of my life, they are the ones who will save me from being harmed ever again by my mother or anyone else for that matter. Showing the child you as the social worker have the power and the control will allow the child to be able to call you and tell you if anything else may happen in their new foster home or even back at home. How to cite The Relationship of a Foster Child and the Social Worker, Essay examples

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Theatre free essay sample

Community theatre enriches the lives of those who take an active part in it, as well as those in the community who benefit from live theatre productions. On either side of the footlights, those Involved represent a diversity of age, culture, life experience, and a strong appreciation of the Importance of the arts. We will write a custom essay sample on Theatre or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Economic Impacts are perhaps the most widely touted benefits of the arts. The literature on economic Impact studies of the arts tends to fall into two categories: on the one hand, advocacy tidies based on quick appraisals that often exaggerate the impact of the arts On the other hand are more rigorous studies which, overtime, show increasing methodological refinement. The arts attract investments: By improving a community image, people may feel more confident about investing in that community. So for example, people might be more likely to buy property in an area that they feel is up-and coming because of the presence of the arts.Or, banks may be more likely to lend to businesses in areas perceived as more secure and stable, and so on. One problem with determining the impact of the arts Is distinguishing between revenue from locals verses revenue from tourists, and among the latter determining the extent to which the arts drew them to visit the community. The arts are good for Individuals take many forms. The arts have been said to improve health, mental w ell-being, cognitive functioning, creative ability and academic performance. The arts improve individual health.Either engaging in creative activity or simply attending some kind of artistic event appears to improve hysterical health. This could be due in part to its ability to relieve stress. Also, arts engagement widens and strengthens social bonds, which also improves health therefore when people are this way they will act calmer and less stressed on work situations, or any situation for that matter for having a better mental well-being. The arts Improve skills, cultural capital and creativity. Here again we have to distinguish between passive and active participation.Audience members may gain some new knowledge or cultural capital by attending arts events. There Is also the Mozart effect showing that children who listen to Mozart show Improved performance on visual-spatial reasoning tests although the effect may not last. Individuals directly involved in creating or organizing artistic activity may learn skills that they did not previously have and may demonstrate greater creativity On the whole, education studies show that kids engaged in an arts class will do better in other subjects and that an arts-integrated curriculum improves school performance.The basic reason for this may be that children find learning through artistic/creative activity much more enjoyable, and so they will have an easier time engaging with the material. It is important to point out, however, that most studies do not control sufficiently for self-selection into arts activities and the effects are not as dramatic as boosters would claim. Then saying the most Important thing In our society, or any society for that matter Is a childs education, when that child has the education one deeds our tough economic time(s) would slowly but surely go away, with the help of the arts. Jetty the footlights, those involved represent a diversity of age, culture, life experience, and strong appreciation of the importance of the arts. Economic impacts are perhaps the most widely touted benefits of the arts. The literature on economic impact impact of the arts is distinguishing between revenue from locals verses revenue from didst the community. The arts are good for individuals take many forms. The arts have been said to The arts improve skills, cultural capital and creativity.Here again we have to some new knowledge or cultural capital by attending arts events. There is also the Mozart effect showing that children who listen to Mozart show improved Manhole, education studies show that kids engaged in an arts class will do better in ere basic reason for this may be that children find learning through artistic/creative boosters would claim. Then saying the most important thing in our society, or any society for that matter is a childs education, when that child has the education one

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Artifacts in Jamaica free essay sample

Artifact An object made by human craft, especially a tool, weapon etc and represent historical interest. It is normally an inexpensive object which is an example of the way earlier civilization lived. Types of artifact ? Ceramic Artifacts ? Chamber Pot ? Tin-Glazed earthenware ? Border ware Chamber Pot [pic] A chamber pot is a small pot, usually ceramic, designed to fit under a bed or in a discreet close stool. The earliest form of chamber pot appeared in the fourteenth century in Egypt, and was commonly made of metal.Examples are known of tin, lead, pewter, copper, silver, and even gold. The chamber pots used in Colonial America were originally patterned after silver models, but pottery was the most common material used. Chamber pots is just a few of the many items brought to Jamaica during the era of Christopher Columbus and was an item frequently found through out the colonial sit of Port Royal. We will write a custom essay sample on Artifacts in Jamaica or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The first ceramic model was recorded from at least 1418, and was identical to cooking pots. To differentiate them, pots were often placed within a close stool with a hinged top and padded seat.The wide uses of chamber pots lead to it being mass-produced by the Staffordshire Potteries in the mid-17th century. In the era when going to the bathroom involved a trek to the outdoors, people who needed to go to the bathroom at night would use the chamber pot to urinate, and empty it in the morning. The most common place that you would find a chamber pot is under the bed, as it is a convenient and ready location. Some people had close stools, pieces of furniture designed to conceal a chamber pot.In many cases, the close stool had a bench with a lifting lid, allowing women to sit comfortably while they used the chamber pot. During the day, members of the household would be expected to use the outside bathroom, unless they were ill. The chamber pots from the night before would be emptied and scrubbed before being replaced in the bedrooms. Commonly, chamber pots would have been emptied into the outside bathroom, but some households simply threw the contents out the window. In homes which had a household staff, a maid would empty the chamber pots as part of her morning chores.The basic design of a chamber pot involves a pot deep enough to hold urine without splashing, and a secure lid. Usually, a chamber pot has handles so that it can be carried easily. While poor households probably had very plain chamber pots, more elegant examples of decorated pots can be found in some museums, suggesting that these were from more lavished households. Generally, raised decorations would be found on the outside of a chamber pot, and the inside would be left smooth and decoratively painted. borderware [pic] Tin-glazed earthenware [pic] AcknowledgmentI would like to sincerely acknowledge the valiant effort of all those who contributed to the success of the project titled ‘artifacts from Jamaica’s past’. Thanks to Ms. Cameron (teacher of class 6c from St. Catherine Preparatory School) for her valuable guidance by way of giving the direction on what the project should consist of, and for providing the opportunity for me to develop an understanding of how to carry out a researched project successfully. I also want to thank my parent for further guidance and their effort in ensuring that the project was finished in due time.

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Alternative Meanings for Hand and Names of Its Parts

Alternative Meanings for Hand and Names of Its Parts Alternative Meanings for â€Å"Hand† and Names of Its Parts Alternative Meanings for â€Å"Hand† and Names of Its Parts By Mark Nichol The human hand is such a quintessential element of our anatomy we wouldn’t be human without ours (specifically, without our prehensile thumbs) that we have applied the word to many literal and figurative senses other than the physiological one, as well as a wealth of idiomatic phrases (too many to list here). Here’s a discussion of alternative meanings of hand, as well as those for its parts. Hand can refer to participation or an offer of assistance, or it denotes a round of applause. It applies to a body part or a component of an object resembling a hand, and a symbol resembling a hand with an outstretched index finger is called a hand, or an index. An aspect, direction, or side is called a hand; on the other hand, the word also refers to the concept of control, possession, or supervision. One can give one’s hand as a pledge (usually, in reference to marriage), and one’s signature or handwriting is called one’s hand. The word denotes ability or skill, or interest or participation or a significant role. In card or other games, hand refers to the cards or game pieces held, to a round in a game, or to a player in a game; by figurative extension, it means â€Å"the strength of one’s position.† In the realm of a rougher game, pugilistics (boxing), or in fighting in general, hand identifies a punch. The creator or producer of a work might be acknowledged as a hand; it could also reference someone with knowledge of or skill in a specific topic, or handiwork or workmanship. The word also applies, more mundanely, to an employee or worker, especially a laborer, or a member of a ship’s crew (or the figurative equivalent). In a sense more akin to tactile connotations, hand describes the feel of a material. Finger, too, has other meanings, including something resembling a finger in shape or function, or a measurement equivalent to the general width of a finger. As a verb, it means to identify or to touch, to extend as a finger would be extended, or to play music using one’s fingers. Likewise, thumb applies to something with a thumblike appearance, and, as a verb, it means â€Å"to leaf through a book or to cause wear by doing so,† or â€Å"to hitchhike or to signal for a ride by holding out one’s thumb.† A knuckle, too, is something that looks like a joint in a bodily appendage (or, in the case of a cut of meat, is that anatomical part from livestock), including a weapon worn on the knuckles and more commonly called brass knuckles. Knuckle can also refer to a part of a hinge or to a structural component with the appearance of a knuckle. To knuckle is to press or rub with one’s knuckles. Palm extends to objects that might remind one of that part of the hand; the palm tree derives its name from resemblance of the fan-shaped leaves to a hand. A palm is also the act of palming; to palm is to conceal with one’s hand or to stealthily give or take something, or, by extension, to commit fraud. It also means to touch with one’s palm, as in the basketball violation of resting a ball in one’s hand during dribbling. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:70 "Home" Idioms and ExpressionsRules for Capitalization in TitlesFew vs. Several

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Love DISABILITY & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Love DISABILITY & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Essay Example This report discusses the major barriers that restrict disabled people in accessing and progressing within the available sporting infrastructure in Darlington Borough, in United Kingdom. Bone and Meltzer (1999, p14) define disability as â€Å"any physical or mental state that limits movements, activities or senses of the affected person†. According to Arthur and Finch(1999, p41), persons with disabilities includes â€Å"people afflicted by long term mental, physical, intellectual, or sensory malfunctions, which limit their ability to participate fully and effectively in society like other able people†. Disability could be temporary, permanent or it could recur periodically within the life span of the affected person. Darlington Borough has an estimated population of 99,475 (PMP, 2009). Elderly persons aged 65 years and above account to 17% of the total population in the region, compared to national average of 16%. The proportion of people aged below 40 years in the borough is less than the national average. About 31% of people in the area do not have private cars for transport (PMP 2009, p16). This limits access to available sporting facilities, especially among the disabled persons. The region has unemployment rate of 4%, which is above the national level in the United Kingdom (PMP 2009, 37). According to PMP (2009) disabled persons account to 10.6 % of the entire population in the borough. Most of the disabled are elderly persons aged over 65 years. Darlington borough has an estimated 107.5 hectares of land for playing pitches, but only 39% of this area is available for public use (PMP, 2009, p65). In spite of economic prosperity in various regions, people with disabilities encounter higher levels of social, economic and political isolation compared to those without the condition (Andreasen, 1995, p 17). These challenges permeate into sports across different regions and Darlington is not an exception. Although factors such as age, ethnicity, gender,